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Why handmade leather goods are better?

Have you ever wondered since the prodcution techniques has been so advanced nowadays that the prices of factory-made leather goods are relatively low, why people are still buying handmade leather goods?  Why do the most expensive and luxuriou brands still feature handmade elements?  Yes, undoubtedly handmade leather goods are appealing in a certainway. Today we will discuss this topic further with you.  

  • The freedom to customize.  

I believe most of us have the same annoying experience: tired of searching for a leather handbag, a leather accessory that match you taste.  Leather craft studio like us often provide custom services.  With us you will have the freedom to choose the leather and color that you like, or even create a new design. 

Over the time we have helped a lot of our customers turn an idea into reality. 

custom made card wallet
custom ordered brogue styled jounal
shell cordovan pen case
horween shell cordovan bifold leather wallet
  • The craftsmanship. 

One significant difference between handmade leather goods and machine-made leather goods is the quality.  Handmade process means close attention to details.  And hand stitched leather items are more durable than machine sewn leather items.  If a leather piece is machine sewn, one part of the stitching breaking will lead to a few more stiches unraveled.  In hand stitches ( saddle stitch), if one part of the stitching breaks, it won’t affect other stitches.  The leather item will still hold prefectly.  That’s why I think hand sewing cannot be replaced by machine sewing and the reason that every piece of our leather goods is hand-stitched. 

  • The quality of the leather.

Handmade leather goods are usually made with high quality full grain leather while factory-made leather goods tend to use inferior leather because it costs less.  Full grain leather is extremely durable.  Handmade leather goods made with full grain leather can last for years or even decades with proper maintemance.  The long-life characterstic of handmade leather goods will spare you the hassles of purchasing low-quality products repeatedly.

  • Timelessness.

The original designs of handmade leather goods combine simplicity and classic, while emphasiz functionality.  A well-designed leather product never goes out of style. 

The prices of handmade leather product may seem to be higher than mass production.  But in the long run the quality and timelessness of handmade product will actually help you save money.  There is something about the love that gives handmade item a soul.

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