Libertaz Leather Selection

At Libertaz, we take pride in curating a selection of fine leathers that embodies tradition, sophistication, and luxury. From esteemed vegetable-tanned leathers to exotic hides, each variety tells a unique story of craftsmanship and refinement.  

Our selection of leather includes:


        • Buttero leather

        Buttero is top grade, widely regarded as one of the best Italian vegetable tanned leathers.  It is full grain, has a medium to firm temper, a huge range of vibrant colors, and superbly smooth finishes.  These fascinating features make Buttero ideal for many types of leather projects, such as wallets, belts, bags, and many other leather goods. Our range of colors: 

Buttero color card
          • Minerva Box

        MBox is full grain and has a natural pebbled texture.  Minerva has a nice balance between supple and firm, as a result, it is suitable for producing leather bags or purses, totes, luggage, wallets and journal covers.  Our range of colors: 

Minerva Box color card
    • JE Sedgwick bridle leather

        Bridle leather is known for its strength and resilience, bridle leather undergoes an intensive tanning process, resulting in a sturdy material that ages beautifully over time, gaining character and patina.  Our range of colors:
JE Sedgwick bridle leather color card
    • Shinki Hikaku shell cordovan

        Shinki shell is from the prominent tannery in Japan.  It has incredibly smooth surface and vibrant colors, 
making it a great choice for premium leather goods.  Our range of colors: 
Shinki Hikaku shell cordovan color card
          • Horween shell cordovan

        Horween shell is from the historic Horween Leather Company in the United States, Horween shell cordovan is esteemed for its unmatched durability and elegant sheen, embodying timeless sophistication.  Our range of colors: 
Horween shell cordovan color card
          • Comipel shell cordovan

        Comipel shell is handcrafted in Italy by the esteemed Comipel tannery.  It has a smooth and glossy surface and ages gracefully with use.  Our range of colors:
    Comipel shell cordovan color card
            • Alran chèvre

          Our chèvre is s
          ourced from the prestigious Alran tannery in France featuring with a smooth, light pebbled texture, supple feel, and even color, and is extremely durable.  Our range of colors: 

    Alran chèvre color card 01
    Alran chèvre color card 02


            • Togo leather

    Togo is one of the most famous leather.  It is firm but supple.  It has a natural pebbled grain and a matte finish.  Because of its texture, Togo is very scratch resistant and easy to maintain.  Our range of colors: 

    Togo leather color card
      • Taurillon Clemence

    Clemence has a semi-matte smooth, pebbled-grained surface that creates a slightly slouchy and relaxed style.  Clemence is very similar to Togo.  It has a wider and flatter grain than Togo leather.  Our range of colors: 
    Clemence leather color card 01
    Clemence leather color card 02
      • Epsom leather

    Epsom leather is prized for its unique texture and durability. The pebbled pattern that is embossed onto the leather gives it a distinctive look and feel, while also making it more resistant to scratches.  Our range of colors: 

    Epsom leather color card

    • Exotic leather
      • Alligator leather

    Alligator leather is precious  because it has unique scales and feels very luxurious, making it a coveted choice for statement-making accessories.  Our range of colors:

    alligator leather color card