Why Journaling and How to Choose the Right Notebook Size for Journaling

Why Journaling and How to Choose the Right Notebook Size for Journaling

The benefits of journaling

Journaling is the act of writing down your thoughts and feelings, and it helps you understand them clearly.  There is scientific evidence showing that keeping a journal is a great way to gain control of your life and improve your mental health.  Journaling can help you reduce anxiety, manage pressure, cope with difficult situations. 


Why physical journal? 

Although there are countless digital journal apps out there, and they are so fancy!  Still, a lot of journal enthusiasts would prefer physical journals.  First of all, you are not so likely to be distracted by an e-mail, a message, or an app notification when keeping a physical journal as using a digital journal app.  Secondly, some people enjoy putting momentos in their journals, such as ticket stubs, notes from loved ones, or a dried flower from a special day.  Physical journals offer more flexibility to be creative.  Lastly, from my standpoint, the process of hand writing or drawing something down on the paper helps me feel grounded.  This soothing process is one of the key reasons that I keep a journal. 


How to choose the right notebook size for journaling?

There are so many different sizes of notebooks for journaling that choosing the right notebook size to fit your need can be frustrating. 
notebook size chart for journaling

The most common choices are B5, A5, A6 notebooks. 

Some journal enthusiasts prefer B5 size (176x250 mm/7x10 in) notebooks or larger for journaling because the bigger size spreads provide more space to be creative.  With the extra space, you can write or draw down anything and everything you like without feeling overwhelmed.  The large spreads is perfect for sketching, painting, drawing a mind map, making a collage, or any other kinds of art that you feel like to do. 

B5 size journal is great, but truth to be told, there may be one problem.  It may be a little too big to be carried around.  This is the same reason that makes A5 (148x210 mm/6x8.25 in) notebook the most popular journaling size.  It obtains a delicate balance between spacious spreads and portability.  A notebook of A5 size can fit perfectly in your everyday bag so it will be quite easy to carry it everywhere you go.  A5 sized notebooks are prefect for planners, bullet journals, calligraphy journals, health track, daily logs of your activities, or movie/book notes.  Personally speaking, A5 is my favorite size.  I keep three A5 sized journals at the same time, one for work, one for reading, and the other one for tracking my mental health and productivity. 

Another notebook size I like for journaling is A6 (105x148mm/4x6 in), approximately the size of a palm.  I keep my A6 sized journal at my fingertips to write down anything burst into my mind and I don’t want to forget about later, like an unexpected feeling of joy, a fleeting inspiration.  An A6 sized notebook is small and cute, yet still offers quite spacious spreads. 

There are smaller sizes like field journal (89x140 mm/3.5x5.5 in) and A7 (74x105 mm/3x4 in) for small journal lovers. 

No matter what size of notebook or what kind of notebook you would like for journaling, you can find an exquisite leather cover here at Libertaz Leathers.  In the long run, a custom-made refillable leather cover that can last for decades actually helps you save money and energy to find the perfect journal for you.  A journal cover made with premium quality leather that you can personalize with your own design or monogram. Our handmade notebook cover allows you to carry your favorite pen, journal or sketchbook safely and stylishly.  

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