Li started Libertaz Leathers with his utter enthusiasm for leather craft.  At the beginning it was just a small operation in which he mainly made simple cardholders and wallets for family and friends.  Along the way, Libertaz Leathers has been continuously producing leather goods with high quality and durability for a growing list of customers around the world. 

Our philosophy is to produce functional and durable leather goods that will accompany our customer for years. Guided by this philosophy, we stick to traditional techniques, meticulously attending to every detail. In addition, we exclusively source first-grade leathers from renowned tanneries worldwide. 

Our designs combine simplicity and classic, while emphasizing functionality.  Whether it's for special occasions, travel adventures, or daily routines, we strive for our products to seamlessly integrate into our customers' lives.

Join us on a journey where craftsmanship meets longevity, and indulge in leather goods designed to elevate every moment.